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Car Washes

Replace or upgrade your car wash with one of our systems that provide economical and high quality washes, reliable operation and minimal downtime & maintenance.

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Provide a full compliment of interior services for your customers. We sell, install, and service vacuum systems, carpet shampoo systems and fragrance blasters.

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– High Speed Credit Card Systems
– Dollar Bill Changers
– Auto Cashier Systems
– Air Compressors
– Vending Equipment & Products
– Dryers
– Video Surveillance


Supreme West Car Wash, LLC serves the professional car wash industry in Utah, Southeast Idaho, and Northeast Nevada. We supply car wash equipment sales and service, replacement parts, chemicals, training and consultation. We are an authorized distributer of D&S Car Wash Equipment. D&S Car Wash Systems manufactures quality In-Bay Automatics and Self-Serve equipment in High Ridge, Missouri. MADE IN THE USA!

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can assist in planning, building, and operating a successful car wash business. We offer turnkey assistance helping new investors successfully enter the car wash industry. If you are interested in building a car wash, contact us, and we will help you with every step of the way.