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Car Wash Consulting

Thinking about building a car wash but not sure where to start or what to do? We can help!

The owners at Supreme West have owned and operated successful car washes and can give you insight on what you can do to make your operation successful. From equipment selection, site layout, site selection, construction materials and design ideas, we can assist you along the way.  

We can also provide consultation on equipment and facility upgrades and provide our expertise and options to give that old, outdated wash, new life. Let us assist you in taking the right steps to success! 

Have these questions? Let us help!:

- What qualities should my building site have to increase success?

- What type of equipment is best for my facility?

- What construction materials are most durable and easiest to maintain?

- What are some steps I can take to increase business to my existing location?

- What types of features draw customers in?

- What features and upgrades will provide me with the best value?

- What can I do to increase my per ticket price?

- What options do I have to increase recurring revenue business?   

- What is critical to make my car wash successful?

- How can I bring new life to my old wash?

- How can I make my existing equipment and facility perform at its peak?

Call us today and let's have a discussion! 

Car Wash Performance    

Wondering if your wash is performing at its best and delivering the best possible result? We are happy to provide a free inspection and analysis of your car wash, current equipment, and wash performance to provide valuable feedback and ideas for improvement. Knowing what additions and simple changes deliver the most value is difficult. We have the experience to help! 

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