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The IQ 2.0 Car Wash System ensures a high-quality wash for every vehicle every time with its innovative 3D vehicle mapping and profiling technology. Consistently superior washes translate into your competitive advantage as well as a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

The IQ 2.0 features advanced components and proprietary software that simplifies the job of operating your car wash business. Using a graphical user interface, you can literally control every facet of your wash in real time remotely from anywhere in the world! Offered in both a high performance touchless and soft touch model.

IQ 2.0 Express Wash

When you need additional wash capacity to handle higher potential volume than traditional in-bay automatic sites. If your car wash is experiencing longer and more frequent peak periods resulting in extended customer wait times, IQ Express offers a fast track to higher revenue.

How? By greatly increasing your throughput rate coupled with a rise in your average ticket price. Furthermore, the cost to build and operate an IQ Express is substantially lower than any type of Tunnel Wash.

Pina Colada Blast Fragrance

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