Alkaline Booster


Has Spring or Fall “tough clean” got you pulling your hair out? Then get serious and start cleaning with an alkaline boost. This product is designed to give alkaline presoaks, wheel cleaners and prep detergents an added boost without hitting you where it hurts, the pocket book. Simply dual inject product to the desired strength and watch “tough clean” become a thing of the past.


This product is to be dual injected with a detergent or alkaline presoak. Usage is around 1-2 ounces per vehicle. When injected with an alkaline presoak, setup the alkaline presoak to the desired titration strength first. Then hook up this product. Always start on the more dilute setting and adjust up strength as needed. When applying product in conjunction with a detergent, setup detergent first for appearance and then add product to the desired strength. Soft water is encouraged.


• Economically boosts alkalinity
• Hard water tolerant
• Freeze thaw stable
• Phosphate free



Color: Water White
Fragrance: None
Foam: Clear
PH: 13+